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Our Products

TSC owes its strong production capability to its links with suppliers from all over Europe and Asia to provide quality raw materials. TSC’s products stay true to their origins; where beverages such as whisky is acquired from Scotland, brandy from France, vodka from Russia, and gin from England.

Driving on this advantage, TSC works closely with its clients to develop unique beverages and packages that suit the palettes and style of every type of liquor connoisseur. By infusing elements of taste and bottling design, TSC helps clients create a total package that appeals to customers and enhances customer satisfaction.

Brandy - Louis Martin, Vinston, Super Hero, StarAxe, Henry Liquor Whisky - Winner, Super Hero, Ichiban, Cardinal, Jim Berry
Vodka - Privilege Vodka, Polska Vodka Gin - Winner Dry Gin
Rum - Stanley Morgan Jamaica Rum Thai Liquor - Thai Chang, Lady Song, Song Singha
Rice Liquor - Kaoliang Likeur, Pure Bee Chiew, Naga Ria Likeur, Naga Ria Samsu Rose Liquor - Orang Tua Rose
Herbal Liquor - Thai Yuen Thong Orang Tua, Best Herbal Liquor
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